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About Us

Connect Forward is the perfect outlet for communicating with others, making power moves and finding inspiration. We realized there's a need for honest, unfiltered resources out there to help students and entry-level professionals.


Whether you're taking a gap year, applying to jobs or still undecided about what the next few weeks are gonna look like - we've been there and we're here to help support you on your journey. We've decided to bring everything you need to know - to YOU.


We've got tips and tricks to take your personal, professional and social life to the next level. We apply decision-making skills to help you make informed, educational and career choices. Create the future you want. 


Join our community and #ConnectForward.


About Our Founder

Hi, I'm Rebecca Walcott. I started Connect Forward because I felt like there weren't enough resources out there for students and entry-level professionals. Learning the ins and outs of adulting is just plain hard sometimes. I wanted to create a platform that's real, open and informative to help anyone and everyone in multiple capacities.

My goal was to create more rewarding and informative opportunities for people like myself, who are entering a new chapter of their life. Whether you're in college or you've recently decided to make a career change, we can help you take the next step to have the career you've always wanted.