LinkedIn is one of the best branding tools. Not only is it a great resource to job hunt, but it's also a great way to meet other people and network. Social platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram (when used wisely) can create a plethora of opportunities - plus it's all free. 

Here's a checklist on ways to step up your LinkedIn game and build a strong brand:

  • +HEADSHOT: Make it something that aligns closely with your personality but is still professional. If you're doubting your picture quality, invest in getting your head shots taken professionally. This is something that can be used not only on LinkedIn but for years to come.

  • +HEADLINE: Make it engaging and dynamic, it can be 1-2 lines that talk about your interests or your current employment status. For example: Digital marketing expert with 10+ years experience. If you can't think of a one-liner you can use your current job title.

  • +RESUME: Upload *the most recent* version of your resume. If you're like me and you have two different versions of your resume (one that's more creative and one that's super straightforward and simple) stick to the simple version for LinkedIn. You want to make it easy to read and follow.

  • +LINKS & DOCS: Don't be afraid to add media to your job description section. If you have website links, videos and other content to share then include it (but don't over do it). If you are going to include documents, make sure it will add value or provide more insight into your job description. For example, if you're a graphic designer include your online portfolio or upload sample graphics from a past job - that way they get a real sense of your skills.

  • +PUBLISH POSTS: It's easy to forget or to dismiss the social aspect of LinkedIn, but it's a fantastic opportunity to share your experiences and opinions with others. Try to bump up your posts to once a month if you've never posted. If you're not sure what to write, you can just re-share posts. Just make sure that they follow your brand and are professional and educational. Pro tip: Make sure to include hashtags and tag relevant people or companies.

  • +NETWORK: Last but not least is networking! If you've applied for a job at "Bank of Branding" search employees who work there and connect with them! Also, instead of just connecting include a personal note stating that you recently applied and wanted to learn more about the company or that you studied in the same field and would love to connect. Keep it simple and to the point.


Digital marketing comes in different forms and outlets, but today I wanted to discuss some of the ways I market myself on social media.

  • +STRATEGIZE: Before you post, strategize about what you think your brand would look and sound like. This might seem a bit excessive but the worst thing to do is to put something out there that you aren't 100% confident in! If this is something that you need to work on and aren't sure where to start, then book our services and we'd be happy to build a content strategy with you.

  • +DESIGN: There are so many handy apps out there for you to design and edit your posts. Here are some of my favorites: BUFFER, SPROUT SOCIAL, EVERNOTE, CANVA, HYPE TYPE, UNFOLD. Apps are great ways to make your posts more professional looking and appealing.

  • +INVEST: Consider investing in social media ads - you'd be surprised how much reach you can get by investing less than $50 on websites like Facebook. Pro tip: The best strategy is to know your demographic, maximize SEO, share posts on your personal pages​ and diversify content.

  • +CONNECT: After you've built your brand strategy, it's time to build your following. A great way to do this is to connect with other like-minded individuals. LinkedIn is a great way to build contacts not only if you're job searching but if you're trying to connect and meet new people.