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JobsTT is an online recruitment platform with a target-driven business model that is dedicated to attracting the best job seekers for Caribbean clientele. In the era of LinkedIn and Indeed, JobsTT successfully bridges the gap between integrating recruitment strategies with finding high quality, Caribbean talent. It is the only 100% locally owned and run online recruitment platform of its kind.


Carolyn de la Rosa leads a small, diverse team with an audience targeting approach. Carolyn describes the company dynamic as “customer and quality focused, with a dedicated small team who work well together,” and this clearly shows in the state-of-the-art platform.


JobsTT offers a wide range of services that not only streamline the entire recruitment process but capitalizes on the power of technology and digital engagement strategies.

Meet Carolyn de la Rosa.

Carolyn is the General Manager of JobsTT, an online recruitment platform with a growing database of over 85,000 job seekers.


JobsTT does more than find you a job, it sets you up for a strong candidacy and makes job searching much easier. It's the perfect tool for employers and job seekers. 

How was JobsTT founded?

  • We started in 2014 to address the change in recruitment strategies that we were seeing in the marketplace. We wanted to provide aggressive competition in the market and to complement the already well-established Executive Recruitment business started in 2007 by Progressive Recruitment Specialists Limited – our sister company.

How would you describe the company dynamic?

  • Customer and quality focused, with a dedicated small team who work well together.


What are some of the challenges Jobs TT faced in its early stages that have been stepping stones in getting to where the company is today?

We originally based our model on competitor rates which drastically dropped when we entered the market and this skewed expected revenue downwards significantly.

  • Identifying the right staff.

  • Contacting the decision makers.

  • The market’s resistance to change their service provider – even if pricing was significantly higher.

  • General consumer hesitation to provide honest feedback and develop a partnership and seeing this as a commodity as opposed to a service.

Billion-dollar companies like LinkedIn, face competition with, Career Builder etc. What sets JobsTT’s platform apart from its competitors? 

  • JobsTT is the only 100% locally owned and run online recruitment platform whose sister company - Progressive -  is a fully fledged recruitment company. As a result, we can offer hybrid services that no other company in either industry can provide – eg. over and above advertising your job vacancy, JobsTT can have a qualified HR resource shortlist/reference/assess the most suitable candidates for your vacancy for an additional fee.  We are enjoying finding creative ways to add more value and remain competitive to the client.

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With our current economy landing a job or even keeping one can be tough. What advice do you have for people in mid-level to senior positions who feel “stuck” in their careers and are having trouble moving up or finding better opportunities?

Same career and company:

  • Do more, commit more time by asking a leader or executive to understudy them. If you are confident that you want to remain in that company because of the culture etc, then find a way to add more value, and with time opportunities will follow. This way you enhance your skills, and become more marketable and relevant.

Different career in the same company:

  • Identify the job you want and if it does not exist create it. Develop a space for yourself, and sell the idea to leadership. Be sure to identify what is the value added to the company by this role, and why you have the skills to do it. If persuading them is difficult, find opportunities in any relevant situation to show how this role would have made a difference in a process. Be willing to do it as an extra duty initially if asked. But, negotiate the term under which this will be done; what you will deliver and what is your expectation when the goal is met.


Different company:

  • Identify your skills that are valuable to an employer and get people to recommend you for them on LinkedIn. Also develop a network (join associations, get a mentor etc), and let everyone know that you are actively seeking new opportunities; but be clear on what those opportunities would look like (eg. what does ‘better’ opportunity mean to you? Is it a company with a certain culture, job title, more money, new career, closer to home, less stressful environment etc).

What do you think are some of the most crucial skills needed to land your dream job?

  • Develop skills that speak to your passion, what you enjoy and are good at doing. It is a lot easier to develop skills you are naturally good at. Networking and persistence also helps.

​What do you think are some of the greatest challenges entry-level professionals and students in T&T face when it comes to getting a job especially in the state of our current, challenging economy?

  • The energy sector is the largest sector in the T&T economy. It is fluid and as a result the skills it requires are constantly changing.  Proactive students  could think ahead by keeping in touch with the Energy Chamber to keep in touch with these changes.

  • The market for entry level positions is very competitive and internships and other extra-curricular activities to develop marketable skills (like learning a language at summer holidays) is key in distinguishing yourself from your peers.


For our young readers, what jobs are in high demand in T&T?

In any industry, sales executives with a proven track record of delivering are always in demand.

  • Accountants with specific skills such as experts in interpreting and applying new IFRS/IAS standards.

  • Drilling engineers with deepwater experience.

  • HR professionals with a sound knowledge of IR legislation.

  • Technicians.