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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Be your own Admissions Pro with a free platform built by admissions experts for all candidates pursuing their academic and professional goals.

The graduate school application process can be arduous and complicated, but makes the process not only easier, but specified to meet your personal needs. In this digital age, there are countless online platforms intended to support individuals seeking higher education, yet many fall short. on the other hand, provides extensive resources built by experts who believe all applicants should have the same admissions resources and guidance, without the financial obstacles—that being said, did we mention it’s all free?

It levels the admissions playing field and empowers candidates from all backgrounds to reach their full professional potential. The key to its success is its mission to combating the traditional barriers of higher education, and creating opportunities to access the same proven process.

Enjoy a program personalized to your background, goals, and needs to maximize your admissions chances. 

Getting Started

1. Registration is simple and easy. You can register online using this link:

2. Once registered, you have immediate access to a plethora of resources including a weekly action plan, school selection databases, step-by-step essay and interview support, and much more.

3. One of the most impressive features of the platform is their Index (AMI). The AMI is a credit score of admissions. It's a figure calculated by an expert-vetted algorithm and numerically representative of an applicant's chance of acceptance to any given school.

Finding the Perfect School

One of the main reasons people utilize college prep platforms is to find the "perfect" school for them. But many times, these resources fail to take into account underlying factors that may negatively impact your grad school applications. This is where the AMI and School Matching features comes into play.

Admit.Me's School Matching feature provides an automated comparison between an applicant’s AMI and a school’s AMI, and categorizes the school into stretch, target, and safety. The applicant-guided product is based on proven expert insights that are truly catered to finding your ideal school, while also taking into account the school's AMI.

For over 12 years, has developed and refined an admissions consulting program which has led to a 92% admissions success rate for applicants to top programs.   

One-on-One Coaching with live

If you're looking to garner additional support, provides the opportunity to work with highly established professionals to reach your targeted goals. In three simple steps you can find the plan that is best suited to your needs.

Each plan includes working with an expert to complete specific credits based on your needs. Services are broken down into three targeted sectors: strategy, assets, and finish line.

Strategy includes formulating your personal strategy, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and finding your target school. Assets includes resume and essay reviews, which vary in credits. And lastly,