I met Beth a few months ago when she visited my workplace as part of her book tour. Her demeanor was curious, yet gentle and kind. Little did I know of how much of a power house she was. As one of this century's leading innovators, Beth defines what it means to be embrace change. Imagine It Forward is one of those badass books that makes you think "WOW, what am I waiting for?" And you're absolutely right, what are you waiting for? Get out there and do it.

At times, as women we are self-critical to a fault. Inevitably it hinders our chances of growth both personally and professionally. In her book, Beth talks about how she challenged herself to succeed in a billion dollar company, when at times she was the only woman in the room. As Beth's career blossomed so did her innovation, fearlessness and self-awareness.

Personally, I am so lucky to be part of a department that's over 60% female! If it's one thing I am very much aware of, it's that not all companies strive to be as equally matched in gender or ethnic diversity. For Beth, she had to challenge a lot of ideas to make her voice heard.

As a self-described introvert, she worked extremely hard to utilize her introverted nature to her advantage and implement ways of self-awareness.

This book truly encouraged me to self reflect and think about what are the things that were holding me back in my career. It's important to note that despite your insecurities, trials or tribulations, the biggest set back is yourself. It's never too late to learn new things or start over.

Now if you're someone who can't find time to read or isn't really into it, this book is great because it gives you actionable items and can be read in stages. Each chapter will leave you feeling fulfilled, informed and inspired.

According to Beth, here are some actionable items you can use in your day to day life:

CREATE A MONTHLY BUCKET LIST: Hold yourself accountable for getting out of your comfort zone by creating a monthly "I Can Do This" list.

THE DRAGON SLAYER CHALLENGE: Whenever you feel a negative emotion related to work bubble up, take note.... Do your observations and comments add up to a large problem or trend? What are you going to do about it?

YOUR DIY JOB CRAFTING CHALLENGE: Monday morning you are going to add one new project (that you are excited about!) to your responsibilities. - pgs. 56-57

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