Updated: Jan 29, 2019

This is the story of how Connect Forward went from being an ordinary idea to a full-blown, digital platform in a matter of weeks.

Welcome to the first post of this digital hub uniquely designed to talk about the ins and outs of developing your life in college or post-grad. Before I dive more deeply into this topic, I want to start off by prefacing that I too am learning as I grow. The whole point of creating this platform is to provide honest, relevant and realistic guidance and support to college students and entry-level professionals. This content is created by students and entry-level professionals who have experienced these issues, challenges and accomplishments first hand.

Take this site as an opportunity, a stepping stone, a network - however you see fit! I'll be exploring skills that I myself would like to enhance, and encourage you to do the same. I'll be posting a series of fun interviews, blogs, podcasts and videos on this platform to share stories on incredible, inspiring individuals.

The biggest thing I have taught myself since graduating from college is that every opportunity whether negative or positive is an opportunity to grow. Never see setbacks as failures, just detours.

Going Global: From The U.S. To The Caribbean

I've been inspired by a few young and upcoming individuals and look forward to getting the chance to share my conversations with you. From Trinidad and Tobago to the United States, I'll be discussing topics from negotiating salaries to building multi-million $$ start-ups.

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