Having this mindset and trying to push through day by day working in an industry you simply do not like can create a huge disconnect from your work and your personal progress. If you’re simply unhappy with where you are YOU can make the choice to find something else. It takes planning and preparation but living your passion and having the power to choose your life based on what you want is achievable.

Before you decide to switch careers, it’s important to consider the following:


Be transparent with yourself and assess your feelings towards your current career and where you would like to be. Avoid from telling your co-workers. Before you decide it's important to weigh out the pros and cons of quitting. Make the time in your schedule to map out departure dates and tentative dates for when you would like too start looking elsewhere.  



Set up an emergency fund with at least 3 months of livable income (rent, food, emergency expenses etc). Make sure it isn’t easily accessible by switching it to a savings account or a separate card. You're going to make some sacrifices in order to be financially prepared. Some things you can give up for cheaper / alternative options are your gym membership, upgrading (phones, cars etc) going out and eating out.



Create actionable goals to find the job and land the job you want. Network with alumni, reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, talk with people who know you best (friends, family, significant others) and develop an action plan for switching jobs. An action plan can consist of a list of companies you would like to work for, people you know who work at those firms and job descriptions you’re interested in.



Dig deep and find the boss YOU want to be. Find out the goals, accomplishments and career stepping stones of someone whose position you would like to fill 5,10 years from now. Use this as your motivation to getting there and navigation to finding lower level roles that can get you to where you want to be in the future. LinkedIn is great for this because you can see people's work history. Check out the companies they worked for and their job titles and figure out how you can align your goals and your job apps. 


Don’t burn bridges. Once you’re 100% certain you are ready to switch careers make sure that you give your boss or supervisor an honest and respectful explanation. If you're talking to your supervisor, make sure to have the rest of your day flexible, since your boss would probably want to speak with you. Timing is everything so be sure to also check both your supervisor and your boss' schedule to figure out which day and when would be best. 


Don’t make excuses and stick to your decision. Yes, you're going to feel a whirlwind of emotions but they won't last forever. It's important to remember that your job does NOT define you and it's never too late to make a change in your life. When you do something that you are passionate about you will get further than doing it just for the money. If you decide to leave your first job in less than a year, it’s important to stick with your next job for longer than that (at least 2 years).