Truly, there is never enough time. Time is finite, we can share our time with others, or put our time towards a goal, but either way our time is spent.


There is a certain monotony that comes with working a 9-5 job, you wake up around the same time, you leave work at the same time, and you go to sleep around the same time. It's very easy to get stuck in a daily loop of routine, without noticing the time you could be spending working towards personal or professional goals. These goals are entirely up to you, they can be making time to eat breakfast every morning or add a few minutes of meditation to your day; or they can be large, like working towards applying to graduate school or adding a fitness routine into your life.

The desire to add more into your everyday is much easier said than done, making your life busier may make it more fulfilled, but it also will take time to adjust to. It’s important to remind yourself that you are capable of doing these things, you just have to make the time.


Writing down your goals and viewing the things you can do each day to get closer to accomplishing them will make huge goals seem less overwhelming and impossible to accomplish.

There are a ton of planners and applications that can help you with this, but I personally use:

  • Panda Planner

    • I used to overlook the importance of physically writing down your to-do list but nothing beats the satisfaction of checking things off or viewing your schedule from a broad perspective with everything laid out.

  • Google Calenda

    • Any calendar you prefer would work here, but I put EVERY single event I know I have on that calendar, birthday parties, work meetings, and even the days I want to allot for going to the gym. This helps me to expect my schedule and plan around it - making the most of my days!

    • One of the best parts of Google Calendar is that there is an option for “reminders,” which I use for remembering to send an email or to book my doctor’s appointments, etc.

  • Fitness/wellness apps

    • Apps like Nike Running, HeadSpace, Fitbit, Applewatch, and many others have the option to turn on reminder notifications. These can be really helpful if you are someone who gets lost in the time after a busy work day.

It also can help to view the schedules of people you aspire to be like, this can put into perspective how your routine may need to change and show you the reward of shifting your schedule. I personally love this one, which shows you the daily schedules in graphics of 20 successful people. Or if you really want to see someone who makes the most of each hour of her day check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s schedule.


Contributor: Rebecca B.